Workshop on Emerging Technologies & the next wave of Business

Workshop Overview
Technology is driving change at a hitherto unseen pace in almost every industry sector. VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity & Ambiguity) is going to be the norm rather than an exception. Along with the businesses, the business as well as social interactions are changing dramatically.

INTERACT – Workshop 2017

International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction – INTERACT 2017
There are numerous research methodologies which designers resort to, in the Discovery/Research phase of design. In this phase, a UX designer acquires a plethora of insights from users, their surroundings, the stakeholders. But the million dollar question is how many of these insights get translated into actual designs?While the designer tries to assimilate these insights, there is no framework to define these insights into design goals, categorise them, prioritise them and use them as a guideline to render them into designs.

Foundation Programme (Online) for Budding Entrepreneurs

"Innovation and Entrepreneurship" are the keywords as we see job loss, reverse migration, etc., young professionals will have to look at "Startup" as an alternative Career Path. Entrepreneurs will learn...


Inspirit: Injecting Innovation in Work Culture

Inject Innovation In Work Culture through this specially curated Inspirit Preach Event for HR Professionals, People Managers, and Business Leaders. The Wealthiest Organizations today stand at the Top of the...

TiE Academy: I.E.T MasterClass

The IET Masterclass is aimed at helping entrepreneurs and startups, Innovate, Execute, and Train. This is a 26-hour intensive workshop conducted by professionals.    

IIM-Udaipur: Design Thinking for the Startup World

An exciting session where Dr. Kaustubh cites the effects and impacts of design thinking, citing real-life examples and incidents. Understand how the journey of a user can help startups develop...

3Ps: Potentials, Possibilities and Profits

A live webinar on how to expand the innovation quotient of your organization to achieve the three P's: Potentials, Possibilities & Profits. The workshop will be conducted live by Dr.Kaustbubh...

Emerging Technologies and The Next Wave of Business

I will be speaking at the Thane Management Forum at how the rapid change in technology will affect us & what factors drive technical breakthroughs. Webinar link given below. Join...