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“An individual has infinite potential to achieve the extraordinary. This potential lies dormant within oneself stifled by the dos & don’ts of society.
Similarly, an organization (a business entity or otherwise) too has a limitless ability to influence society positively and achieve its commercial interests.
Every organization has the potential to create breakthroughs. However, this potential is restricted by:-

  1. The organization’s mental model about its own business- They define their business from the perspective of ‘What we can do rather than what our consumer wants us to do’
  2. Its inability to visualize the future- They define the future of their business based on what they can capture from the unfolding
    based on their current abilities rather than re-imagining their organizational abilities to not just tackle, but create the future
  3. Its unwillingness to cannibalize its existing products- Very often organizations hold onto their existing turf for too long despite the winds of change.
  4. An organizational culture that does not encourage experimentation among its employees- The spirit of exploration is lost when employees are afraid to try out new stuff

If the above sounds familiar in the context of your organisation or simply put, you want to create a vibrant organisation of passionate people buzzing with ideas for
to conduct Design Thinking & Innovation training programs by an innovative Design Thinker, Dr. Kaustubh Dhargalkar

Potentials and Possibilities is a platform through which a design thinker, an innovation evangelist, a futurist and
a quirky professor (all rolled into one)communicates his views on multiple issues related to technology, design and business”.

Keep coming back for his interesting views, that will make you think hard.

Kaustubh Dhargalkar.

Kaustubh – A ‘Design Thinker’, and ‘Innovation & Strategy’ evangelist, who looks at companies
strategically with unconventional lenses for diversification avenues & reinventing their business
models. He has a Ph.D in ‘Design Thinking & Corporate Innovation’.

He specialises in ‘Need Finding’ across sectors to spot opportunities. A teacher at heart,
he helps people ideate, helps young students spin-off companies from campus, and through unique business models.
To know him better, connect here

Academy of Design Thinking & Innovation

Enhancing Innovation Quotient

At Potentials and Possibilities, we offer different training modules for companies keen on infusing a Design Thinking Mindset among their decision makers and enhancing the ‘Innovation Quotient’ of the entire organisation –

What they say

The Session by Mr. Kaustubh Dhargalkar provided a fantastic start to the Chakrayuh program. We have seen a overall increase in the effectiveness of the program over the years after introducing this session. The contents of the program and the facilitation style was very engaging for the participants giving them the foundation skills required to successfully complete chakrayuh program.

Tushar VaidyaDGM - Learning & Organisation Development, Mahindra Finance

Thank you Kaustubh for the 2 days (May 9-10, 2017) of engaging training workshop on ‘Design Thinking & Innovation’. The feedback from our team at Quantum Consumer Solutions has been very positive and everyone has gone back, armed with clear steps to execute Design Thinking strategy in our projects. We look forward to your guidance in the future as well.

Lakshmi SethExecutive Director, Quantum Consumer Solutions