One simple remedy to reduce queues at banks #demonetisation

By November 13, 2016No Comments

A lot of folks around are venting out frustration at not being able to break through to a bank counter for exchanging 500/1000 currency notes. Too many people in panic mode make for chaos. Why do we not understand this simple logical fact?

Just think, what has prevented some of us from panicking?  The fact that we can transact using our debit/credit cards or e-wallets, right? So, if this has prevented us from rushing to banks, why not enable others to do it too. If we take upon ourselves to teach our house helps, drivers, cabbies, auto drivers, veggie vendors etc. to use e-wallets, wouldn’t it reduce theses queues at the banks. If we do this, we can, roughly, get 18-20 crore of our countryfolk into the organised financial landscape of our country.

An important positive effect: A lot of us have heard this from our housemaids- “Husband grabs the salary from me and wastes it on his regular visits to the local country liquor outlet”. If we were to transfer her salary by cheque or through an e-wallet, she would be better able to control her home finances.

Don’t just think about it, DO IT. that would be your good deed for the year 🙂 🙂 🙂

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