This is an immersive workshop aimed at:

    • Solving a Live Challenge that a company is grappling with


    • Conceptualising and creating New Products/ Identifying New Markets

    This workshop introduces the participants to the Design Thinking Methodology and also takes them through an accelerated problem solving journey using the Design Thinking Methodology, aimed at generating path-breaking solutions for any challenge. It blends creation of unique ‘User Research’ techniques for insight mining with a holistic problem solving approach to arrive at breakthrough solutions.

    Workshop Objectives
    Participants of this workshop will experience the unique Design Thinking Methodology of Problem Solving. They will develop the ability to:

    • Empathize strongly with users
    • Rekindle their own creative potential
    • Distinguish between Information & Insight
    • Identify latent user needs
    • Use Ideation techniques
    • Develop low-res prototypes and test them
    • Apply the Design Thinking Methodology in multiple situations

    Training Methodology
    A mix of in-class discussions & field visits. Stimulating discussions and experience-sharing leading to peer-to-peer learning and co-creation of solutions. This workshop aims to generate breakthrough solutions for a ‘Live Challenge’, hence it would be ideal if the company can arrange ‘Real End-users’ to be available for feedback to enable iterative prototyping during the workshop.

    The trainer, Dr. Kaustubh Dhargalkar, is an acclaimed Design Thinking coach with over 50,000+ hours of training in the space of Design Thinking, Creative Problem Solving, Breakthrough Ideation with corporates such as Mercedes Benz, Daimler India, Citibank, Hewlett Packard, Deloitte, Mahindra Group etc. He is the founder of Potentials And Possibilities, an Innovation & Design Thinking Consultancy. He is a mentor at the Center for innovation, Incubation and Enterprise at IIM-Ahmedabad. His detailed profile is attached alongwith. *

    Target Audience
    Executives who have been identified by the management to work on the identified ‘Live Challenge’. They should have complete ownership and be responsible for the implementation of the generated solution(s).

    Duration: Two and half days workshop followed by a planned monitoring roadmap aimed at successful implementation (at extra cost). The follow-up sessions are necessary to ensure implementation of the solutions generated during the workshop.

    Workshop Content

    • Opportunity Spotting & the New Product Development framework
    • Unlearning Module – Rewiring the brain for new thinking pathways
    • In-depth Stakeholder Analysis
    • Creative User Research techniques
    • Empathy & User-centricity
    • Identifying latent needs
    • Redefining Problems
    • Design Brief Creation
    • Ideation techniques
    • Quick prototyping
    • The Design Thinking Methodology

    Contact us for more details hello@potentialsandpossibilities.com